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Paint with Wild Abandon

I spent last Saturday with a lovely group who attended my Expressive Watercolour Workshop. It was an amazing teaching experience and so lovely to get to know everyone.

We started with some delicious coffee from Happyccino Coffee...a must to get going!

Next, I discussed various mediums and materials, carried out demos of various watercolour techniques using expressive, loose methods of putting pigment down on paper and then everyone was left to play with paints, inks, brushes, clingfilm, specklers, drippers, dabbers, etc; It always fascinates me how each person can create completely different outcomes.

I always use White Nights by St Petersburg. They are beautifully blended Russian watercolours with excellent pigment quality and high colour brilliance. Honey based, they are highly light resistant and ideal for amateur or professional artists.

Here's some more pics from Saturday, featuring some work by students....

Watercolour workshop, Wimborne Art Tutor, Tina Peacock Art, Art classes Dorset
Expressive Watercolour Workshop at Walford Mill, Wimborne.

Thanks to everyone who came along and who gave me such lovely feedback afterwards!

If anyone else is interested in this or a similar workshop, then do let me know.

I'm also available for one to one tutoring, just ping me an email to enquire!

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