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Gallery Shadows

Artist Statement

Tina Peacock

I paint from a ‘feeling space’, that being the way in which our psychological atmosphere is created and felt. I translate this onto the physical surface on the canvas using acrylics, ink, watercolours and pastels. This emotional and expressive response is formed from the impressive landscape and coast that surrounds me here in Dorset as well as from my past experiences, relationships and memories. I believe these are closely linked.

My abstract paintings reflect my deep sensitivity and emotions resulting from my empathic nature, feelings which I often find hard to express in words. Contemplating and reflecting on the subject of memory and the complexity of human relationships I also paint a celebration of life, love and the natural world in a juxtaposition of darkness and light. Expressed in an explosion of colour, layer upon layer, I want the viewer to feel as deeply as I do.

Mark making formed by energy and vibration. A bit like an electrocardiogram. A unique moment in time that captures my heartbeat and the electrical impulses sent around my body. Impossible to replicate.

Artist Statement: Welcome
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